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William is the founder of Angelo Stone Company in Bedford, Indiana. A recognized limestone sculptor and carver for more than three decades, he has extensive experience in decorative stonework for institutional, commercial, residential and landscape applications. He also has created civic and funerary monuments. He works from architectural specifications, from two-dimensional drawings, in collaboration with patrons and from his original designs, creating both three-dimensional sculpture and reliefs.

 2013 Governor's Arts Award Recipients

2013 Governor's Arts AwardsThe 2013 Governor's Arts Awards will mark 40 years since the inception of the program. Originally conceived in 1973, the biennial awards program honors individuals, organizations, partnerships, businesses, and communities that have made significant contributions to the arts in and beyond the confines of Indiana.





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Limestone mock-up, NYC.

Bird and Pear elements.
On tree branches, that will cross back and forth, climbing a three foot wide, by twenty feet tall Set of entry windows


Ramping, Helical, Sculpture

Twelve feet tall, by sixteen.5 inches wide/2
forty five degree rise, symmetrical, 4 sides five inch band, ten.25 inch negative space sixteen facets per one full rotation lineal measurement, each band, eighteen feet